chakra BALANCING understanding CLEANSING and ALIGNMENT


Have you ever heard the term 'chakra' before?   You may have wondered what exactly it is referring to.  

Chakras are spinning Energy vortexes that are located within your body.  An Energy life force, that we all have.  There are seven main Energy vortexes and many other Energy points in and around our body's. 

When your chakras are balanced your life flows smoothly and you feel great, but when they are imbalanced 


you can develop physical and emotional issues to alert you that something isn’t right.   

Your chakras can become imbalanced from mental, spiritual, emotional and physical traumas from this lifetime and also other lifetimes you’ve lived too. 

To help you more understand the seven main chakras and also to help you balance and align them,

 I am offering a one hour informal  class in explaining the seven main chakras for you,   


where you can find them and their separate colours, meanings and functions,   also teaching you a simple meditation technique that will help cleanse and free up your own chakras for yourself.

By the time the class is finished you will feel better and more aligned and have the knowledge to be able to align and free up your own chakras by yourself whenever you may feel you need too in the future.