sitting in the power guided meditation


Guided Meditation.

These are guided introductions, teaching and practices for Meditations,  these Meditation practices will teach you how you can bring  the spiritual realm closer to you and the true God source,  spiritual connection,  psychic energy and the energy of pure divine love. 

  1. Sitting in the Power, Meditation.
  2. Being your Higher self ,Meditation.
  3. Creating with Divine Light, Meditation.
  4. Relaxation within, Meditation.


With these meditation practices that I will teach you,  we will invite the divine spirit world to draw closer to you,  your spirit within  and the energy of divine love from the spirit realm.

You will learn to use your own spirit energy within you to expand beyond your physical body, beyond your surroundings, beyond the earth and up into the heavens its self.  

It truly is a lovely and peaceful place to be. 


 Your body will feel so relaxed, your mind will quieten,   your light within will grow and you will truly feel  pure divine energy.    

Each session will take about 20 minutes to complete with me and afterwards you can practice this on your own daily if you so wish or come back to me to be guidance with meditation again.

I myself practice Meditation 3 to 4 times daily.

I gain a lot through this and will be doing this until the end of my days.