private informal psychic, medium, spiritual healing tutorial


In my work as a Psychic Medium I have been asked many questions like,   "How do you do this?   Can I do this too?  How do you know if you have Psychic abilities?   

How can I do  Spiritual Healing?"

I would like to help answer all these questions and more and teach you how you yourself can use your power within  to give you a better understanding of the world of  Psychic, Mediumship and  Spiritual Healing.  To find, learn and use your own Psychic, Mediumistic and Spiritual healing  abilities.


You can have a Personal  one-to-one private informal live video class with me on Skype, WhatsApp or Messenger, to give and teach you as much information as possible about how you, yourself can connect into the energy that all  Psychics and Mediums use to connect to their own  Psychic powers, Spirit world,  energy's and abilities.   You will learn the  Sitting in the Power Meditation.   You will also learn how to feel  and experience your own Healing energy,  Psychic abilities and Spirit contact potential.     


You will tap into and try your psychic connection and I will answer all questions you may have and help guide and introduce you to the world of Spirit and your own Psychic and  Spiritual Healing energies.

Of course,  to learn everything about these subjects can take many year's but I have a way to teach you and to give you and cram in as much information as I can for you, to give you a greater understanding of Psychic work, your own abilities, hidden talents and potential. 

You will be amazed at what you are capable of and how much you will enjoy connecting to your own Psychic and Spiritual gifts.

The power is within you.


Linda Binks

Charlotte Stenaae

Linley Kerlin

  Wow David is fantastic , We have done 6 hour course covering everything possible to do with clairvoyance and mediumship work .The best 6 hours of learning and making it enjoyable . He took me out of my spiritual shell and enlightened me in so many ways . What a fantastic soul he is pure love . I hope to keep in touch with him for further help and education . I can not recommend him enough . Thank you David 


Linley Kerlin

Charlotte Stenaae

Linley Kerlin

 I did a 2hr session with David. In that time I learnt about what i am and how to use the power of this to connect with spirit. David explained very clearly how to use this power to access a story to be told. His instructions were very clear on how to work this power without letting personal thought and logic take over. I enjoyed this session very much and learnt a lot Thankyou so much David  


Charlotte Stenaae

Charlotte Stenaae

Charlotte Stenaae

   Hello David. I am so pleased with the results your procedure gave. I feel more confident with regards to clairvoyance and mediumship than ever before. Your teaching procedure is very intense and it is obvious that a spirit team is by your side. I spent yesterday absorbing and writing all your little precious pieces of advice down.  I am so happy, that my spirit team found you for me on the internet and made me drawn to you. It might not be the last time I will seek you for advice. I can warmly and from the bottom of my heart recommend your course and spiritual assessment. Thank you so much, David, you and your team is unique.