Spiritual guidance


Those who come to me for a reading often come to me for guidance,  having a  question or even more than one question that they are looking for an answer or answers too.

These questions can be about anything that you really need guidance and direction for,   Life,   Love,    Career,   Relationships,  ect. What I do as a medium and Psychic is  connect with the spirit world, your Spirit guides and your own spirit within, this is done by using my own Spirit energy to connect to the higher source, Spirit and the Spirit realm.


I take direction from the spirit world as to how the reading should play out to bring the best answers to your questions and in tern bring guidance and direction to you.    

This can sometimes mean that I am guided to use tarot cards  or I am directed to connect with your loved ones from the other side or my own spirit guide team and sometimes your spirit guide team too. 


Many people simply have found they do not know where to turn in there lives and find that with spiritual guidance they can have a  pointer in to the right direction in life and in their choices and decisions they have been making  or need to make. 

A lot of the readings I do are for Spiritual guidance. 

The truth is,   sometimes we just need answers and guidance, 

and with this,  we try our best to give you the best guidance we can.