Spiritual Healer and Distance Healing


With spiritual healing I connect with my Divine Spirit team directly to fill me with Healing Energy to channel healing to you for you, wherever you may be in the world, distance does not matter .

They guide me each step of the way throughout the healing process. This can be extremely helpful especially with my strong faith and my personal relationship with my Spirit Guide team.


 With Divine guidance and Healing Energy we can assist with any number of different ill health areas or life path issues including - loss of confidence, anxieties, lack of energy,  Depression,  panic attacks,  physical ailments, recurring ill-health, phobias, motivation, relationship issues,, bereavement and  abandonment,  to name but a few. 


 The aim of each session is to enlist the direct help and guidance from the Divine Spiritual Realm to heal, restore and encourage greater vitality, contentment, happiness, peace and wholeness throughout every aspect of your entire being.